Our research

The most clearly evidenced mode of action of Siranius biopolymers are through the modulation of the gut flora and the protection of the integrity of the intestinal barrier.

A large community of research all over the world now points towards the importance of the intestinal flora in the emergence of many diseases, among which diabetes, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, liver diseases, hangover from alcohol consumption, lactose intolerance, cardio-vascular diseases, allergies, auto-immune diseases, etc.

The attempts to improve the gut flora with prebiotics and probiotics, with limited results, shows the need for complementary solutions.

The biopolymers of Siranius are proven to favourably influence the intestinal flora, modulating inflammatory responses and immunity. Years of usage on new-born animals has demonstrated the safety and reality of these claims.

Recent developments in biotechnologies offer great opportunities to further isolate bio-active fractions of our polymers and identify specific modes of action and create a valuable IP portfolio around the products of Siranius.

key points

Given the experience accumulated from use on livestock and the purity and quality of its polyphenols Sirianus is planning to enter the market with ingredients for use in human functional foods.

The biopolymers from Siranius can be successfully applied in the protection of human health, specifically as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-toxin, digestive health and immunity enhancement.

Siranius is targeting its research capacity on three main health topics, such as:

  • Immunity Enhancement
  • Intestinal Health and Diarrhea treatment like IBS (i.e., Irritated Bowel Syndrome)
  • Treatment/Prevention of infections by Aflatoxin and other mycotoxins (especially tropical zone)

The R&D Team of Siranius has started the research for this midterm project collecting further evidence through studies conducted by reputable institutes.

irritabel bowel syndrom (Ibs)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common gastrointestinal disorder that affects a significant portion of the population worldwide. It is estimated that approximately 10-15% of the individuals globally suffer from IBS, making it one of the most prevalent digestive conditions. Gastrointestinal disorders often go undiagnosed or underreported within the population due to several factors. Many individuals tend to dismiss mild gastrointestinal discomfort as common occurrences, attributing them to occasional indigestion or stress. Consequently, they may not seek medical attention until their symptoms become severe or persistent. Additionally, the stigma associated with discussing digestive problems can discourage people from consulting a healthcare professional. Therefore, IBS is frequently diagnosed after years of enduring symptoms, which can significantly impact one's quality of life during this time.

Conventional treatments for IBS typically involve strict dietary modifications and lifestyle changes. These can be particularly challenging for patients, as they often require the avoidance of trigger foods such as dairy, gluten, and certain vegetables, as well as adjustments in daily routines to manage stress and anxiety, which are known triggers for IBS symptoms. These approaches, while effective for some, can be burdensome and may disrupt individuals' daily lives and eating habits.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among individuals, who are exploring natural alternatives for managing their health concerns, including IBS. This shift in perspective is driven by a desire to minimize the potential side effects associated with pharmaceutical medications and to adopt a more holistic approach to well-being. As a result, many people are actively seeking natural remedies and dietary supplements that offer a relief from their IBS symptoms. They are attracted to these alternatives because they often align with a preference for fewer chemicals and a focus on nurturing their body's natural balance. Thus, there is a burgeoning demand for natural solutions that can provide effective relief from IBS, allowing individuals to regain control over their digestive health in a way that complements their lifestyle and values. In Siranius, our commitment is to improve the lives of people suffering from IBS, while allowing them to keep their lifestyles and quality.

a new approach

Our natural product aims to offer a holistic and natural solution to individuals with IBS. By leveraging carefully selected natural ingredients and innovative formulations, we seek to improve the health and well-being of IBS patients without generating a significant impact on their daily lives and routines. Our product is designed to alleviate the discomfort and symptoms associated with IBS, allowing individuals to enjoy a better quality of life. We understand the importance of providing a solution that seamlessly integrates into people's daily habits, ultimately empowering them to manage their IBS symptoms effectively and regain control of their digestive health.

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