Nutraceuticals from secondary plant substances

A growing number of consumers are looking for proactive health solutions to avoid pharmaceutical interventions with negative effects on an increasing number of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. The changing behaviour of an aging population that is not falling for restorative promises as they once did will have profound implications for both pharmaceutical and food companies. Healthcare in North America and Europe is shifting its focus from intervention to prevention. 

This fast-growing product category challenges the traditional boundaries of food and pharma. Food and pharma companies need to improve their capabilities outside their traditional comfort zone and form new partnerships. Nutraceuticals are foods or dietary supplements that promise diverse health benefits. They include functional foods, dietary supplements, and derive their «claimed» benefit from specific ingredients such as pre- or probiotics, vitamins, etc. 

Novel ingredients are sought after in this market by food and pharmaceutical companies. Siranius is in an advantageous position as it offers a new class of ingredients that can be used preventively and curatively to protect human health. At present, the opportunities outweigh the challenges in this market. The potential for market penetration is seen primarily in nutritional products with preventive properties for health. 

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